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This site's aim is to present a vivid image of Russian heraldry, and to provide the English-reading audience with reliable basic information on the armorial heritage and the current heraldic practice in Russia. So far a number of our sections is under construction, but we hope that the site may be already interesting and informative. Welcome to the Heraldic Russia!
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You are welcome to find here the basic information about Russian armory in general, as well as several papers about its particular aspects.

»» The Orders Of Merit of the Russian Orthodox Church
»» The Imperial Order of St. Catherine the Great Martyr
The Cyrillist ClaimThe Cyrillist Claim
The genealogically senior branch of the Romanovs is, after the extinction of the male-line posterity of Alexander III, the branch of Grand Duke Cyril (Kirill), famous for its claim to the dynastical headship. This claim was accepted by many, and criticised by many as well... more »
The Arms and the Title of the Counts O’Rourke, Nobles of the Russian EmpireThe Arms and the Title of the Counts O’Rourke, Nobles of the Russian Empire
This paper tells about the heraldic and nobiliary rights of the ‘Russian’ branch of the great Irish family. This branch, in its turn, was divided into two lines with absolutely different and highly curious coats of arms... more »
The Nobles Rimsky-Korsakov: Jupiter’s Heraldic HeirsThe Nobles Rimsky-Korsakov: Jupiter’s Heraldic Heirs
One may be proud of descending from Freskin the Fleming or Vitek “of the Rose”, Rurik or Brian Boru, or, say, Hugh Capet. All this would seem too modest to the Rimsky-Korsakov noble family... more »
Collar of the Governor of the Province of TverCollar of the Governor of the Province of Tver
Collar of the Governor of the Province of Tver was designed bó Michael Shelkovenko, GHA[R], and established in 2007. The medallion with a Grand Ducal cap depicts the coat of arms of the Province of Tver... more »
Russian Heraldry: A Brief SurveyRussian Heraldry: A Brief Survey
The very essence of Russian heraldry is often misunderstood. It has been many times described as a fruit of the rich Byzanto-Russian symbolic tradition; or (just the opposite) as an artificially implanted imitation of foreign patterns; or as a disorderly practice of no rules or conventions. All this is wrong... more »
Proper DefinitionsProper Definitions
The concept of “Ppr” has been recently redefined by the Heraldic Council to the President of Russia. The natural colours were not infrequent in the old Russian armory. Sometimes they were rather “harmless” but sometimes they provoked considerable confusion of colours and their use resulted in the worst examples of the “landscape heraldry”… more »
Heraldists and Ideas in Russia: the Problem of ImmigrationHeraldists and Ideas in Russia: the Problem of Immigration
The specific features of Russian heraldry were determined by three main factors: the local social and cultural context of the armorial usage; specific Russian preheraldry and the mutual influences of older heraldic traditions. It was this last factor that turned Russian heraldry into heraldry... more »
Russian Heraldry Within The European Context: The State Eagle As An ExampleRussian Heraldry Within The European Context: The State Eagle As An Example
Each local heraldic tradition contains a lot of devices and badges marginal to heraldry and to heraldic art, its norms and customs. And sometimes it is very difficult to define how applicable the heraldic criteria of understanding and research are to such tradition... more »
The Russian Ways of the Heraldic Lions and Eagles of the Medieval EuropeThe Russian Ways of the Heraldic Lions and Eagles of the Medieval Europe
The first armigers identified themselves with families, feudal positions, possessions and their personal heraldic emblems were compelled to signify the impersonal. And while the medieval Europe changed and its political structures became more complicated, a sovereign’s coats-of-arms continued to indicate both an authority and a land, a subject and an object of power... more »
Russia: The Absence Of A System?Russia: The Absence Of A System?
Here are some general notes on Russian systems of marshalling and illegitimate cadency. Side by side with the usual quarterings, impalings and partitions per fess one can find other examples which are complicated and sometimes amusing. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to distinguish combined coats of arms from the pseudo-combined ones which were invented, following the fashion, alreadó with partitions. There was no general system in such an heraldic miscellanea but it is specially pleasant to discover particular systems in certain groups of arms... more »
New LyonNew Lyon
William David Hamilton Sellar, a historian, genealogist and lawyer from Edinburgh, has been appointed Lord Lyon King of Arms on the 8th of March. Before this, David Sellar already served as HM officer of arms, namely Bute Pursuivant. The appointee succeeds Robin Orr Blair who had held the high office since 2001... more »
Fra Andrew BERTIE. In memoriamFra Andrew BERTIE. In memoriam
His Most Eminent Highness Fra Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, died in Rome at 78 on 7th of February... more »
Boris YELTSIN. In memoriamBoris YELTSIN. In memoriam
Ex-President Yeltsin died on 23 April 2007 at 76. Apart of creating the new Russian state with a Constitution based on truly human values, he provided it with appropriate symbols. He restored the State heraldry office and proclaimed the "integral heraldic policy" in Russia, which made possible the continuation of the historical Russian Law of Arms. more »

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