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Section: Vol.II: the Noble Families

Messrs Krutikov (of the City of St. Petersburg et al.)

Artist: Michael Medvedev, GHA[R]

These arms, granted to State Counsellor Alexander Krutikov and his family by Alexander III (General Armorial XIV, 52), were recently painted for a family member, Mrs Natalia «Khvo» [née] Krutikova of St.Petersburg.

The arms were composed by the Armorial Section of the Senate’s Heraldry Department and may serve as a nice example of the official heraldic design of the time. The partition of the fess symbolises the land-surveying (the grantee made his career and gained ennoblement as HM surveyor in the Kingdom of Poland) and the birds are nightingales (the family originated from the Governorship of Kursk, proverbially famous in Russia for the local nightingales’ songs).

One may compare these arms with those assumed by Mrs Krutikova’s husband, Mr Zvinchuk (see right); these are echoing the Krutikov arms but contain no noble attributes and contain bats en lieu of the nightingales.

Of the two sons of the couple, the elder has his family name recorded as ‘Zvinchuk’ and the younger as ‘Krutikov’, but according to the Russian traditional law of arms both inherit their father's undifferenced arms and none of them may claim the old Krutikov nightingales.

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