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Section: Russia and the S.M.O.M.

The Manifesto on the Complete Arms of the All-Russian Empire

Author: The.Heraldry.Ru / Publication date: 2007-10-26

The Manifesto on the Complete Arms of the All-Russian EmpireIn 1799 a Maltese cross ensigned with the Grand Master's crown was included into the Arms of the Russian Empire to represent the union of the two Powers in the person of Paul I as the Russian Emperor and the Order's effective Grand Master. This provoked further steps including the drafting of the Greater ("Complete") Arms of the Empire (this task being first suggested by Peter I whose wish remained, for many reasons, unexecuted). The resulting splendid Imperial "Manifesto on the Complete Arms of the All-Russian Empire" was carefully edited by the monarch, then written and even painted, signed and countersigned; however the Emperor bade not to publish it, thus making this act without any formal effect.

The Manifesto on the Complete Arms of the All-Russian Empire
»» Click the preview images to see the large ones (the size of every file is 700~1000 kB).

»» «The Explication of Allegories» (attachment):

»» Folio 1:
«The First Folio» (the title page of the Manifesto).

»» Folio 2:
«…Where the Sovereign’s Title Is Laid Down»;

»» Folio 3:
«…Where the Imperial Manifesto is Laid Down» (beginning);

»» Folio 4:
«…The Last Folio of the Imperial Manifesto» (conclusion), the Emperor’s signature.

»» Folio 5:
The emblazonment of the Complete Arms.

»» Folio 6:
«The Blazon…» of the Complete Arms (beginning);

»» Folio 7:
The conclusion of the Complete Arms’ blazon.

»» Folio 8:
The arms -
«À. of Kiev»,
«Â. of Vladimir»,
«Ñ. of Novgorod»;

»» Folio 9:
The arms -
«D. of Êàzan»,
«E. of Astrakhan»,
«F. of Siberia»;

»» Folio 10:
The arms -
«G. of Òàvria»,
«H. The Duchy of Holsatia» (beginning);

»» Folio 11:
The conclusion of the Holsatian arms’ blazon.
The arms -
«1. of Pskov»,
«2. of Smolensk»,
«3. of Lithuania»,
«4. of Volynia»;

»» Folio 12:
The arms -
«5. of Podolsk»,
«6. of Estland»,
«7. of Livonia»,
«8. of Couronia [Courland]»;

»» Folio 13:
The arms -
«9. of Samogitia»,
«10. of Karelia»,
«11. of Tver»,
«12. of Yugra»,
«13. of Perm»;

»» Folio 14:
The arms -
«14. of Vyatka»,
«15. of Bulgaria [on Volga]»,
«16. of Novgorod of the Low Country» (i.e. Nizhny-Novgorod),
«17. of Chernigov»,
«18. of Ryazan»;

»» Folio 15:
The arms -
«19. of Polotsk»,
«20. of Rostov»,
«21. of Yaroslavl»,
«22. of Beloye Ozero»;

»» Folio 16:
The arms -
«23. of Oudoria»,
«24. Obdoria»,
«25. of Konda»,
«26. of Vitebsk»,
«27. of Mstislavl»;

»» Folio 17:
The arms -
«28. of Iveria» (Georgia),
«29. of Kartalinia»,
«30. of Georgia»,
«31. of Kabarda»;

»» Folio 18:
The arms -
«32. of Cherkassia» (of the Cherkassian and Highland princes),
«33. of Jewer»,
«34. The arms of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem».

»» Folio 19:
The representation of the Greater State Seal surrounded with the collar of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called belonging to the Emperor Paul;

»» Folio 20:
«The Description of the Collar…» of the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called (the final page of the Manifesto).

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